Someone recently told me about some of the leaders in his present firm and I listened intently because these topics interest me. (I sorely miss the hustle and bustle of being someone in that position but not so much the stress, though. 😊)

As he tells me about how his leaders act – their demands for perfection and performance but they themselves lack in giving feedback and can’t even spare a few minutes to have a decent conversation (even if it’s their job) with their people- it pains and frustrates me to know that there are still “leaders”, who have somehow gotten the designation but not the attitude, who think they are above others.

TEAMWORK is a two-way street.

LEADERSHIP is serving others and not the other way around.

A leader is there to hone, to develop, to motivate others to do better and not kick others when they’re down.
A leader serves as a beacon that drives people to strive, to reach for their career aspirations, and not to just drive numbers.

To you, who think that since you have climbed up the ladder, you are entitled to ask for accountability without taking any for yourself, you are obviously in the wrong department. Just sayin’.