A healthy body leads to a healthy life and a longer life at that and one of the essential components of a healthy and sound body is sleep. Sleep defined by Meriam-Webster is the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the power of the body is restored. It is basically recharging your body through sleep cycles and the complete relaxation of the nervous system.

For women, it is more important to get enough sleep and rest, mainly for restoring youthful cells and promote a healthy digestion or metabolism. Studies show that the best time for cells to regenerate is between 9 at night until 2 in the morning but it is still recommended to have at least 6-8 hours of sleep per day. It can be very difficult for women to achieve a good night’s sleep, especially because of a different genetic makeup and more so during disturbed emotional states.

Here are some ways in achieving better sleeping habits and hopefully, help you develop a regular sleeping pattern.

  1. Exercise and Proper Diet- everybody knows that daily exercise and having a balanced diet leads to good health. And in turn, regulates mood and promote a restful sleep due to the hormone, dopamine, being released when doing physical activities.
  2. Writing, Reading, and Meditation- they might seem very ordinary everyday stuff, especially the reading and writing part. But in the case of achieving a restful sleep, it means a relaxed reading session of a favorite book, or jotting in your journal, and just having a peaceful few minutes in a day to wind down from the hustle-bustle of work. This will help you focus on the positive things which will manifest during sleep, giving you a good night’s shut eye.
  3. Background Noise- most people, not only women, don’t easily go to sleep due to background noises like the television or radio. So try to lower down the music or better yet, put on some white noise which is also one way to put babies to sleep because it emulates the sound they hear in the womb. I guess even grownups sleep like babies if they hear white noise.

A typical person falls asleep in about seven minutes. So if you’re still up after an hour of lying down trying to get some sleep, try practicing these methods so you can sleep easily and live healthy.